Can I import my products from my Etsy store?

Using our importer you can import products from a wp-ecommerce store into your new store or any store which you have access to your CSV file. or can create your a CSV file.

According to Etsy  you can download your CSV  listing data by doing the following:

1. Sign into your ETSY store and click your Shop at the top right of the site.
2. Scroll down and click Options under Settings on the left.
3. Click the Download Data tab.
4. Click the Download CSV button to save the file to your computer.

If you convert your products to a CSV file from Etsy to be the same format as the sample CSV listed under – produuct >store settings> importers you shouldn’t have any issues


Next, for more information on importing from a CSV into your e-perdazzle store select from your dashboard menu Products>Store Settings>Importers

Is there any way to upload my product photos in bulk?

Yes, you can upload your product photos into your media library by selecting from the dashboard menu>
1. “Media”
2.  “add new” 
3. Select the group of product photos from  your computer you want to bulk upload into your store.

Once the products are uploaded into your media library they will be available to easily select them as your featured image as you create your product pages.

How do I find the sign up code ?

Sign up codes are sent by invitation. If you would like to open a store in our marketplace please contact us.


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