How To Activate and Customize Your Store Theme
 If you are not already logged in – log into your store dashboard, select from  the menu on the left side of the dashboard,  “Appearance> Themes
When the themes screen opens select “Store Template” and click on  Activate.
 Next select “Appearance >Customize” a double window opens. On one side is the editing tools and on the other side is your homepage. 
The site tile and tagline is complied from information you entered when you registered for a store., You have the option of changing the information here if so desire.
stylesUnder Theme Styling  you have the option of changing various element of your theme.  What you see is what you get, the editor enables you see how each option affects your theme as you click on the various editing options. None of your changes will be permanent until you save it.
menuThe available navigation menu should be selected if it is not , click on the drop down arrow and select the available navigation menu.
 Header Image, this is where you can upload your own customized banner. header

If you do not have a custom banner to insert in the header then you can simply enter your desired text into the header, see the instructions on setting up the store for information on working with theme options.
Select add new image and select a image located on your computer for your store header.
Under Static Front page,  you can leave your lasts posts selected or you can
use a static page to create a personalized look using the
template short codes.


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